Santa Barbara – California – CH 2104 – FR 1159A – PCGS 8


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There are several words that are frequently used incorrectly to describe collectibles but none more than the word UNIQUE.  Time and time again, one hears the word used to describe an item that maybe rare but is certainly not UNIQUE. This note on the other hand is UNIQUE so much so that when the first Friedberg book was first created in 1953, this note was not known to exist.  It was not until the third edition that the correction was made.  However, the nomenclature for Friedberg book was already created and widely accepted.  Therefore, in order to keep the standardization in sequence, an “A” was simply added to FR# 1159.  Since 1959 there have been no other additions to the census.  Like most national gold bank notes, this note has gone though its share of honest circulation and has escaped the eager hands of the numerous “note doctors” located throughout the country.  As such, PCGS has rewarded this note with NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS contrary to most other national gold bank notes.  Unlike other unique numismatic items, the potential for this item is incredible and I am certain that the price of this note today will most likely be a fraction of its price tomorrow.



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